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Assess & Reduce

Plastic Footprint & Roadmap Design

Asses & Reduce

Engagement roadmap


Assisting in the design of your plastic engagement roadmap

We integrate ocean plastic removal into your plastic sustainability initiatives, working towards Net Zero Plastic.

Phase 1 Launch

Goal: Begin your journey towards sustainability by making a meaningful impact in a targeted manner.

Phase 2 Scale Up

Goal: Ramp up your efforts and expand your commitment to plastic cleanup.

Phase 3 Optimization

Goal: Maximize the effectiveness of your engagement while prioritizing sustainability.

Take action to contribute


Rethinking, reducing, and recycling: A comprehensive approach within and beyond your value chain.

*Source: Guidelines for Corporate Plastic Accounting, Verra, February 25 th 2021

Beyond the reduction efforts performed within your own value chains, global efforts encourage contributions beyond the value chain.

Contributions should focus on projects that maximize additionality and impact for circularity, Co2 emissions and sequestration, Communities and Biodiversity.