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Plastic credits are transferable economic credits

Plastic Credits
1 credit = 1 ton

Just one credit is supports the collection or recycling of 1 ton of plastic that wouldn’t have been otherwise.

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Why purchase plastic credits?

Plastic credits are a statement of sustainability and responsibility. There are many reasons why your company would and should be obligated to purchase these credits.

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Why purchase plastic credits?

Wildlife is struggling, ecosystems are dying, waters are becoming polluted, and the ozone is being ripped apart. Unsurprisingly, plastic waste is playing a pivotal role in all of this.

Since plastic is so cheap, it’s not financially worth the labor for businesses to repurpose and recycle it. As a result, it ends up getting dumped into the environment.

Plastic credits can help prevent a business’s unwanted plastics from reaching oceans, landfills, and dumps, allowing for a healthier ecosystem and a more sustainable production chain.

Plastic credits are a convenient solution 
to excess waste

Companies aren’t always able to handle the waste they produce, and plastic credits are a great way to solve this issue.

Any extra plastic waste a company has that cannot be reduced further can easily be offset by purchasing plastic credits.

Part of a larger plastic sustainability strategy

Plastic sustainability is a large-scale incentive beneficial to everyone on the planet. At first glance, it gives companies the opportunity to take responsibility and save the environment. It also helps keep a favorable brand image and creates a model for other 
businesses to follow.

Plastic credits are just one component of this strategy and an amazing first step to take. Reducing the amount of plastic waste produced will not only open the gate to greener pastures but will create a company that is built to last a long time.


How do plastic credits work?

Plastic Credits aid businesses in plastic stewardship by supporting the collection or recycling of one tonne of plastic waste. This investment fosters sustainability, addresses environmental, social, and economic concerns, and accelerates the transition to a circular economy. Certification ensures credibility, and a registry facilitates transparent tracking and trading of credits. Supporting certified plastic projects contributes to a holistic approach to sustainable plastic waste management.

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How do plastic credits work?

A Net Zero Plastic company incorporates plastic credits into its approach to collect and recycle an amount of plastic equivalent to its annual production

What happens when a plastic credit is purchased?

Plastic credits are transferable, fungible credits and play a role similar to carbon credits.

When you purchase a plastic credit, efforts are diverted to communities and areas where plastic waste is most prominent, mainly in Asia, which has the highest plastic waste dumpage rate in the world.

These efforts involve collecting, recycling, and repurposing plastic waste to prevent it from reaching the ocean and other natural habitats.

Ultimately, the goal of plastic credits is to balance all the plastic that’s being thrown away into undesirable locations and provide more sustainable solutions.