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Our Plastic Projects

We support global plastic collection and recycling operations where they matter most

Ocean Plastic Collection and Recycling

Up to 50 000 Tons / Year

In Krabi, Ranong, and Trang Provinces, franchise Wongpanit Krabi (WK) part of the Wongpanit National network of recyclers, and Ranong Recycle (RR), cover these areas, including islands and coastal regions.

Together, they already collect and process ~2000 tons of recyclables per year, including 70% PET, 10% HDPE & PP, and 20% other types.

With Second Life's support, they further engage local recyclers in collecting ocean-bound plastics, providing financial incentives to cover extra collection and 
transport costs.

Upcycling Composite Plastics to Products

Up to 1000 Tons / Year

Partnering with Chiang Mai Rajabhat University and Green Roads Asia, we focus on waste management and plastic recycling. Green Roads conducts training and capacity-building programs, while Chiang Mai Rajabhat University's innovations, including the 'Pow Machine Line,' transform complex plastics into pavement blocks, benches, or cement substitutes.

Second Life has invested in a factory with three machine lines in Chiang Mai, expanding to a new high-capacity line in 2024 for plastic pellet production.

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