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Ocean Plastic Collection in Krabi, Thailand

Collection and recycling plastic with Krabi’s coastal and island communities

Our project in partnership with

Wongpanit Nua Klong

Wongpanit Krabi (WK), a local branch of the Wongpanit National network of recyclers, plays a crucial role in sustainable waste management in Krabi, Thailand. As part of one of the country's largest aggregator and recycling franchises, WK is dedicated to the humble tasks of collecting, sorting, and recycling various types of waste, making a significant contribution to environmental conservation.

Encompassing the entire province of Krabi, including coastal communities and surrounding islands, Wongpanit Krabi actively engages in collection and recycling initiatives. With an annual collection of over 1200 tons of ocean plastic with Second Life, the branch efficiently sorts, bales, and resells materials locally and internationally, embodying a commitment to minimizing environmental impact and fostering a circular economy.

In collaboration with Second Life, Wongpanit Krabi extends its operations to include the collection and recycling of ocean-bound plastics. Engaging with local recyclers on islands and remote coastal areas, Wongpanit Krabi purchases ocean-bound plastics, supported by Second Life's modest contribution to covering extra collection and transport costs. Second Life's financial incentives for the collection and transport of ocean-bound plastics provide local collectors with an average extra of 4 THB/kg above the market price.