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Ocean Plastic Collection in Ranong, Thailand

Collecting ocean plastic in some of Thailand’s most important biodiversity hotspots

Our project in partnership with

Ranong Recycle

Ranong Recycle (RR) stands as a dynamic social enterprise, bolstered by the support of the Swiss 'Foundation Jan & Oscar' and the 'International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).' Operating in the Ranong province of South-West Thailand, they employ a dedicated team of 6 individuals full-time, supplemented by up to 15 Moken, socially marginalized individuals, and immigrants on a daily basis.

Since September 2019, Ranong Recycle has been actively engaged in the collection of ocean-bound plastic from both island and coastal communities within Ranong province. Our commitment extends beyond mere collection, as Ranong Recycle also ship bales of PET plastic to Tide Ocean—a mechanical recycling plant specializing in the production of food-grade recycled plastic. Here, a comprehensive process of sorting, washing, and shredding takes place.

This initiative ensures the seamless reintegration of recycled PET flakes into the local plastic supply chain, contributing to the production of high-quality recycled ocean plastic. Since January 2020, Second Life, as a collaborative partner, has played a crucial role in supporting the mission at Ranong Recycle to collect around 120 tons of OBP-certified ocean-bound plastic annually.