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Ocean Plastic Collection in Trang, Thailand

Collection and recycling of plastic with Trang’s coastal and island communities

Our project in partnership with

Wongpanit Nua Klong

Wongpanit Nua Klong, part of the Wongpanit National recycling network, now operates in Trang, Thailand, extending successful waste management from Krabi. Specializing in collecting, sorting, and recycling ocean plastics, Wongpanit Nua Klong contributes to sustainable practices for environmental conservation.

Expanding beyond Krabi, Wongpanit Nua Klong plays a key role in Trang, covering islands and provinces. In partnership with Wongpanit Nua Klong, Second Life actively engages in collecting, sorting, and recycling plastic waste from Trang's coastal and island communities, fostering a cleaner and healthier environment in diverse regions.

Annually, our collaborative efforts in Trang yield over 400 tons of ocean and ocean-bound plastics, efficiently sorted and recycled by Wongpanit Nua Klong. The active involvement of over 40 local collectors registered under Second Life's program in Trang reflects our shared commitment to cleaning coastal areas, preserving marine ecosystems, and actively recycling ocean-bound plastics.